Quarters and Semis….

26 06 2012

Sorry for the late post people, new job and responsibilities, leaves little time for musings.

In a season that saw the closest group of teams head into the playoffs it would had been almost impossible to determine who would win.

In the playoffs everybody starts 0-0.   But we do play the regular season for a reason.

In the Quarter Finals we had

#3 License to Roll vs. #6 Bocce Said She was 18

License to Roll was able to dispatch of Bocce Said/18 in easy fashion.   Hard as they might, Bocce Said, wasn’t able to put a consistant attack against the  License to Roll, who was able to punch their ticket to the next round for the first time in the last four seasons.

License to Roll 21, Bocce Said She was 18 10

#4  Cojones Loco vs. #5 Meatballs

A game that started close, didn’t stay that way for too long.  The Cojones took a large lead, winning by over 10 points over the Meatballs.   The Meatballs would try a last ditch attempt at glory by scoring 6 unanswered points before the Cojones Loco was able to put the final touch.  Demonstrating that no lead is ever comfortable in the playoffs, something that would come out later on.

Cojones Loco 21, Meatballs 13.

#2 Bocce Bartokomous vs. The Big Lebocce

The Big Lebocce started the game in good fashion and keeping the Bartokomous within striking distance.  However, experience and determination build a lead that was too much to overcome.

Bocce Bartokomous 21, Big Lebocce 13.

#1 Days of Thunder vs. #8 Team Schweddy

Having all the favorites won so far, the reigning champs wouldn’t be stopped by a lower seed.   They build a lead and never looked back.  The Schweddy’s never had a rhythm.  They pay mighty for it.

Days of Thunder 21, Team Schweddy 11

Semi Finals were a little more nail biting with all FOUR teams winning 8-4 during the regular season.   Four headed beast headed for collision.

On the Caserta court: Bocce Bartokomous vs. License to Roll

If you were to toss a coin 100 times, odds say that it will be heads 50% of the times.  And if you were to match up theses two teams, you would have a 50% chance of determining who wins.   But this one game would be the 101 toss of the coin and the one that mattered.  And neither one of these teams was going to give up easily.  In a game of back and forth, the biggest lead would be 3, before they would tie again.  Every roll, every frame, was a toss of the coin.  That was until the 15th point.  License to Roll losing by one, was able to hit the pallino and kiss it.  Bocce Bartokomous would NOT be denied such a point and was able to roll it to the exact same spot and kiss the pallino on the other cheek.  It was totally trapped between these two balls.  A dollar couldn’t go in between the gap, as there was no gap!  In such a tie, point goes to the team that kiss the pallino first.  Game tie at 15-15.  This must have bother the Bartokomous way more than they let on.  Because they would not allow another point to License to Roll for the rest of the match.

Bocce Bartokomous 21, License to Roll 15

On the Tuscan court: Days of Thunder vs. Cojones Loco

In a game that moved quickly and with precision.  It look lopsided at first, with Days of Thunder well on their way to a second finals appearance in a row.  They were winning 16-8, and in total control of the match.  Finals lights shining bright on them.  They couldn’t do no wrong….until they did.  And Cojones Loco never give up attitude, they started creeping into the lead, and scoring in bunches.  In just a matter of three frames.  They tied the game!! And kept going to take the lead.   In one of the biggest upset in playoff history, being down 8 points, Cojones Loco, brought their cojones and squeeze tight and steady.

Cojones Loco 21, Days of Thunder 17.


Finals match on June 27, 2010:

Cojones Loco vs. Bocce Bartokomous

Come join us in the finals, 6:45pm, winner 2 out of 3, will be crowned Nocabulabet Spring 2012 Champion.

Side note: This year we won’t have our normal BBQ during the finals.  We are planning for a bigger party at Lola’s in mid/late July to celebrate in big style our champions.







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