2012 Spring Season is finally here

17 04 2012

A new season is finally upon us.   In just over 24 hours, 15 teams will meet to once again battle for the prestigious award of being the Nocabulabet Bocce League champions.

Days of Thunder– Comes ready to defend their championship.

License to Roll – Looks forward to being the best team of the regular season.

We have plenty of returning teams

“That’s How We Roll”, “What Up, Biocce?”, “Team Schweddy”, “Segals”, “Meatballs”, “Swim, Bike, Bocce”,”Revenge of WAH“, “Bocce Said she was 18“, “Bocce Bartokomous“, and “Cojones Loco

We also have 3 new teams born from the ashes of former teams “Boccelism“, “The Big Lebocce” and “Los Bollarinos B.C.

We take this moment to remember our fallen warriors of “Ball Bustahs“, “Bocce-Ka-bow-wow“, “Joey and The Pussycats“, and the unforgettable “Mumbling Skulls”.

as we move forward we’ll update on the new teams dynamics and we’ll be updating the full season schedule once it becomes official.

As for tomorrow, here is the schedule, drink responsible, and let’s have a good time:


6:45 p.m.

That’s How We Roll vs. Boccelism  — Officiating: The Big Lebocce

What Up, Biocce? vs. Team Schweddy — Officiating: Segals

7:30 p.m.

The Big Lebocce vs. Segals  — Officiating: That’s How We Roll

Meatballs vs. Swim, Bike, Bocce — Officiating: Boccelism

8:15 p.m.

Revenge of WAH vs. Bocce Said / 18 — Officiating: Meatballs

License to Roll vs. Bocce Bartokomous — Officiating: Swim, Bike, Bocce

9:00 p.m.

Cojones Loco vs. Days of Thunder  — Officiating: License to Roll

Los Bollarinos B.C. vs. Revenge of WAH — Officiating: Bocce Bartokomous



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