And your Fall Champion is…

29 11 2011

On October 26, 2011 two playoff-tested, battle ready met for the final games of the Nocabulabet Bocce League for the year.

In one corner we had Days of Thunder in their second season in the league and making their first ever final appearance in this league.  Days of Thunder while fairly new to our league, they already have conquered the other Providence bocce league:  Downcity League by winning their 2009 championship.

Around the same time and across town,  What up, Biocce? was trying to accomplish their own finals win in the Fall of ’09.   They fell short on that rainy fall day, and it would take them a full two year to get back.   So they are another team that has played under the bright lights.

On this night, one of these 2 teams would be crown champion, another rainy day seem in the forecast.  A few teams were in attendance, License to Roll, was there, to know what a final games looks like.   Swim, Bike, Bocce represented, along with Team Schweddy, and others, like last season’s winners Bocce Bartokomous.   The incentive of Sicilia’s pizza might have also played part for this.

The games started at 7pm and Days of Thunder started drawing blood quickly by taking an 8-2 early lead.   But What Up, Biocce? would fight to make it 8-7, but would get a push back and fall to a 11-7 deficit.   Close it up to 11-9.

Days of Thunder then added three more points to their lead to make it 14-9.   In a display of power Days of Thunder finish the first game in a rather imposing manner winning 21-11.

At this point in the night, there would be a small recess so that players and spectators alike could replenish their bellies with pizza and drinks.

With a new slate, and a renovated spirit What Up, Biocce?  would start in the right leg this time by taking a 2-0 lead, and then later on a 6-0 lead.   They seem to be in complete control of the match.   But Days of Thunder only needed to score their first pair of points to get back into a groove.

What Up, Biocce?  would get a 10-6 lead, before Days of Thunder tied the game, and then proving once and for all why they are a force to be reckon with throughout the season, and next season too, they would score the last 15 points of the match and completely outplayed their challengers.

Days of Thunder ended the match ahead 21-10 and crowned themselves Nocabulabet Bocce League Fall Season ’11 Champions.

Hands shaken, congratulations were given, a team definitely to watch out in the spring.

Come and partake in the celebration and awards ceremony for the last 4 seasons at the Wild Colonial on Wednesday November 30th.



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