Fall Playoffs 2011: A new champion will be crowned…..

25 10 2011

Freshly groomed courts, races to 21, win by at least 2, no time restraint.    Playoff bocce was all around us last night as a nice cool New England weather was upon us.  Rain hold off to not be a factor.

Top 8 teams meet for the playoffs, and oh, what a night it was for it.  After being pushed back from Oct 19 to Monday Oct 24th the teams were ready and excited to get the ball rolling.

On the quarterfinals 6:45  games:

In the Casserta court we had (#5) Bocce Bartokomous vs. (#4) That’s How We Roll.   In a game of back and forth, both teams traded scores at the beginning of the match.  Until the middle stages of the game Bartokomous took a healthy lead of 4 points, and seemed posed to take advantage of it.   That’s How We Roll would not be denied of the opportunity to come back, just like in the regular season, little by little chipped away at the lead til they catch up to Bartokomous and overtake them.   It wasn’t quickly, and it was a hard fought battle, but the defending champs bow out in the first round to That’s How We Roll 21-15.  Who moved on to play the 9pm game.

The Tuscan Court offered (#6) Bocce Said She Was 18 vs (#3) SegalsBocce Said/18 has been on a total tear lately, and in arguably the closest game of the night, and that’s saying something, we were witness to what playoff bocce is all about.  A game that was nail biting and as exciting as their counterparts in the Casserta court.   Bocce Said traded scores with the Segals until they pull away with a 5 point lead.  Things look bleak for the Segals, but in amazing comeback fashion, the Segals pull a bocce and traded by just the single point.   Bocce Said would reply back with a win, but Segals would score 2.  Until we were all tied up at 20.  Knowing that the winning team needed 2 points to win, they roll in the middle of the court, and Segals had one of their needed point, Bocce Said spend all their balls, but let one close enough, that the Segals would need to try to really score their second point.   With the last ball and with a measurement of the ref, the Segals come out victorious 22-20.

The 8pm games would not be pushed aside, as they added their drama to the night:

Casserta court game: (#7) Swim, Bike, Bocce vs (#2) Days of Thunder.  No other team was as handicapped as Days of Thunder because of the rain out.  They would need to use an alternate of their roster in order to field a full team.  And at first it didn’t seem like a problem, as they march all over Swim, Bike, Bocce  for a quick 9-1 lead.  But in playoff bocce fashion, Swim, Bike, Bocce starts eating at the lead, 1 point at a time, and before you know it they are only trading by one point, and then they tied the game.  Unfortunately for the triathlon group, they used all their energy into tying the game.   Days of Thunder is an experienced team and they know what they are made of, and start getting into form again and  start pulling away once more, and when all is said and done, they come out ahead 21-15.

In the Tuscan court (#8) What Up, Biocce? vs (#1) License to Choke Roll.   Another close games in the early going, and a lead change, multiple times.   But What Up, Biocce? a team to quickly overlook because of their seeding, but foolish to do so, gave it all to the leaderboard of the season.  Even in the teens it was tight game, a game for the taking for either team, but the sphincter of License to Choke started resembling a freshman prisoner at the county jail shower.   And by the end of the night, and for 7 out 8 times, the top seeded team falls short of the championship.  What Up, Biocce? pulls an impressive win 21-15 to play in the Semi-final game.

By the time 9pm rolled around there was still plenty of bocce left.   With the Semi-Finals ahead, 2 games left, the winners of each game will have the chance to play for the championship.

What Up, Biocce  coming from their high of beating the #1 seeded team, squared up against That’s How We Roll in the Tuscan court.   What Up, Biocce is a team on a mission, they have an addition to the family coming soon, and who knows what changes that would bring.   So they brought it all for their semi final match.  They build a small lead and never really looked back.   That’s How We Roll tried to make it a game, by using their patented slow comeback win, but in this game, tensions were high, and in the end they fell short of their final goal.   What Up, Biocce? wins 21-15 and take the first seat in the finals game.  Their second overall trip to the finals.

Days of Thunder being the highest seated team still playing, decide to play in the Casserta court vs. the Segals.  The Segals were part of the 2 most exciting games of the night.  In this game, Days of Thunder takes a 4 point lead early on, and keeps the Segals at that distance for a while.   But the game would be slow, and methodical, every kissing ball would be break apart, every bounce mattered.   Multiple measurements were needed, a dollar instead of string, because that’s how close the balls were from each other.  That 4 point lead became a tie later on, and well into the night there was just not much differentiating this two teams.  What Up, Biocce? didn’t even left, even after half hour from their own deciding game, since they wanted to know who their opponent would be.  Like a great boxing match, every jab was met with a reply.  The teams, climbed the score chart.  They would be tied at 18.    When Days of Thunder scored 2 points and put themselves a point away from victory.    The Segals looked once more to pull another jab, but Days of Thunder puts an end to the match by scoring their last point and moving on to the finals.  Last punch thrown.  21-18 Days of Thunder.

Championship game: What Up, Biocce? vs Days of Thunder Wednesday October 26, 2011.

First game at 7pm, food at about 7:45 (Pizza from Sicillia’s).   Come and support your league, bring family and friends.



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