Playoffs preview: Elite 8

21 10 2011

A quick recap of the playoff-bound team and how they made it to this stage:

License to Roll – For the 3rd straight season they ended in first place, however that hasn’t translated into any championship wins.   With a record of 3-3 in the playoffs they need a better showing to eliminate the pretender status an become a contender.  Pros: stable lineup and best defense this year.   Cons: Lost their last game to their first round opponents What Up Biocce? will it carry over?

Days of Thunder  – 2 Seasons in the league, and 2 trips to the playoffs.   So this is a team that knows how to work together.  Their losses came against the Segals and Revenge of WAH.   They have something to prove this postseason.  Pros: Their first opponent Swim, Bike, Bocce they beat once in the season, can they repeat? Cons: unknown commodity in the postseason.

Segals – 2 time champions and always threat in the postseason.   Another team of multiple players (maybe too many?) .   Take away their Week 8 stinkers and their only loss came against What Up Biocce? Pros: Professional team that knows how to get it done.  Cons:  Another week 8, and it will be a quick day for them.

That’s How We Roll – A note on this team: they carried a minus in differential point all the way till their last game, a game against the Mumbling Skulls.  So they have the least blowout wins of any playoff team.  Pros: They know how to win close games and stay calm under pressure situations.  Cons: How often can they play with fire before getting burn?

Bocce Bartokomous –  Defending champs had to thank the schedule maker gods that their last game came against Mumbling Skulls so they could squeeze in the playoffs.  They don’t seem as formidable this year, so they’ll have to prove themselves worthy of a repeat.  Pros: They’ve done it once, once a champ, always a champ.  Cons: During the regular season they lost against the top 4 teams.

Bocce Said She Was 18 – They have a sharpshooter on this team.  And ended the season on a healthy 5-1 run.    Early inconsistencies seem to have been erased.  Sleeper team coming into the postseason.  Pros:  They have the momentum going into the playoffs.  Cons: They suffered an early season defeat at the hands of the Segals, their first round match.

Swim, Bike, Bocce – For the second season in a row they make the playoffs, though this year, was a little bit harder than last.  They won most games they should and lost game they shouldn’t.   Putting them in a bad playoff position.  Pros: They’ve been here before, so they know the dance.  Cons: A 21-8 loss against Days of Thunder is not what the doctor ordered for the first round.

What Up Biocce? – After missing the playoffs in the spring, this team said “not again” and pull up an impressive win against the leaderboard L2R in their last game to clinch the last postseason spot.  If they want fame and fortune, they’ll have to repeat that performance in the playoffs.  Pros:  They’ve done it once.  Cons: Can they do it again?



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