Tumbles and Knock Downs….

7 10 2011

Week 8 is now in the books.  Segals didn’t fly high, Team Schweddy was average again, and Mumbling Skulls is consistent if nothing else.

4 Spots in the playoff are guaranteed coming into our last week of the season.  7 wins is the lucky number to clinch a playoff spot.  7 teams vying for the last 4 spots.   Things are just getting started, so there’s plenty to play for in this coming last Wednesday of the regular season.   Here’s the breakdown.

License to Roll – As a former Red Sox GM would say: “More days in first place.”  The team that had the night off cemented their place and are now sitting pretty atop the league and with 1 game left, they are now guaranteed first place, even if they lose their last game,  since they won the head-to-head against….

Days of Thunder – won a pair of games in the night and wrote their name in second place in the standings.   Quickly dismantling the Mumbling Skulls 21-4 and climbing to second place by defeating in a 11-10 nail biter the….

Segals – had a crushing night by going 0-for-3 in their matches.   Their night started in the wrong foot by losing 14-10 against Team Schweddy.  And things didn’t look up from there thanks to the Thunder defeat and capping the night by adding salt to the wound in the 19-6 defeat vs Bocce-Ka-Bow-Wow.  Currently in third place, with a defeat in their last game they can fall all the way to 7th place or with a win keep their current position since they have the point differential against….

That’s How We Roll – Second team of the night with a bye.  If they win their last match, they have the fourth spot all to themselves.   If they lose…they can tumble down to 7th.  Is all in their hands, since…

Bocce Said She was 18 – Has a lot to decide for themselves.  2 games left, 1 win away from clinching a playoff spot, 2 losses and only point differentials will determine how low they could go.  While defeating Team Schweddy 21-9 was a step in the right direction, there’s still plenty to be decided.  Same can be said of…

Bocce Bartokomous – who did their part by defeating the Ball Bustahs 14-11.  Another team that one more win in their last two games will send them into the postseason and defend their title.   Specially if they can win their head-to-head match vs…

Swim, Bike, Bocce – Will need to fight tooth and nail in their last game vs Bocce Said /18 in order to keep their place in the playoff race if they want another shot at the title game.   In their only game of the night they won 19-13 vs….

What Up Biocce? – Currently in the playoffs, but holding on by a very small margin.  They hold their future in their hands.  A win against License to Roll in their final game will keep them alive and flying high.  A loss and they put their fate in the hands of….

Ball Bustahs – who with their loss, back themselves into a corner and depend in the head-to-head matches (too hard to figure out yet) to see if they can go to the playoffs.  Head-to-Head games are hard to determine so far, but at least they can end ahead of…

Cojones Loco – won their match 21-9 versus Mumbling Skulls.   They do have their odds against them, since their Point Differential is so small (+2 as of this writing) and Bustahs held the head-to-head upperhand and they never cross path with…

Team Schweddy – another former champ in look of the kindness of strangers to make it into the playoffs after splitting their night.   A team that could never find a rhythm for the second season in a row, needs to support…

Bocce-Ka-Bow-Wow – Won their pair of games, by defeating the Segals and finishing up Joy & The Pussycats  13-10.   They might want to play up the part of spoilers in their last match win against the Cojones.   So they can end in a nice 3 win streak and ahead of…

Revenge of WAH – were idle this week, but now can hear the footsteps of…

Joey & The Pussycats – won their early game 17-9 against the Meatballs, and with two game left, one versus Revenge for at least 13th place (small steps right?) and spoilers if they can pull a win in their final game against Bocce Said She was 18.  With their latest win they save themselves from a penultimate finish, a place currently held by…

Meatballs – who seem to have gone a vegetarian route this season, and lacking some punch in their throws.  They still can go with their heads held high if they can pull a win against Days of Thunder in their last match.  No matter the outcome they are secure in their place in the standings since…

Mumbling Skulls – Has there ever been a team in last place with  so much to play for in the last week of the season?  They have 2 chances to win a game and end their season-long losing streak.  Their two opponents are in the thick of the playoff race. Bartokomous is fighting for life and position, and the Skulls can send That’s How We Roll with a bad taste in their mouth into the playoffs.

Bottom line: 7 – 5 record gets you in the playoffs.  A 6-6 record and there’s a whole slew of scenarios to play out.  So let’s play, have fun and do your best for the last regular season game of this year.

STANDINGS after week: 8
W L Pct. PF PA Diff Pts./Game Against
1 License to Roll 10 1 0.909 185 98 87 16.82 8.91
2 Days of Thunder 9 2 0.818 183 120 63 16.64 10.91
3 Segals 7 4 0.636 133 124 9 12.09 11.27
4 That’s How We Roll 7 4 0.636 159 160 -1 14.45 14.55
5 Bocce Said She Was 18 6 4 0.600 152 123 29 15.20 12.30
6 Bocce Bartokomous 6 4 0.600 158 112 46 15.80 11.20
7 Swim, Bike, Bocce 6 5 0.545 151 139 12 13.73 12.64
8 What Up, Biocce? 6 5 0.545 161 161 0 14.64 14.64
9 Ball Bustahs 5 6 0.455 163 145 18 14.82 13.18
10 Cojones Loco 5 6 0.455 159 157 2 14.45 14.27
11 Team Schweddy 5 6 0.455 152 161 -9 13.82 14.64
12 Bocce-Ka-Bow-Wow 4 7 0.364 135 172 -37 12.27 15.64
13 Revenge of WAH 4 7 0.364 125 171 -46 11.36 15.55
14 Joey & The Pussycats 3 7 0.300 123 157 -34 12.30 15.70
15 Meatballs 3 8 0.273 115 164 -49 10.45 14.91
16 Mumbling Skulls 0 10 0.000 98 183 -85 9.80 18.30



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