Splitsville U.S.A.

26 05 2011

A number of teams took a page from the Deboccery playbook for this week’s games, that being to stink up the courts one game and come back for a victory the next (or vice versa).  No fewer than seven teams went 1-1 for the night, sometimes with great contrast.

  • Team Schweddy might be the best example with their perfect symmetry of a 21-4 win at 6:45 p.m. followed by a 4-21 loss at 7:30, a performance that kept them under .500 and still in 10th place.
  • For five of the teams that had ho-hum performances, there was little consequence, having them drop one spot in the standings, at most, and making no changes to the play-off picture, including: Ball Bustahs (who staunched the bleeding after three straight losses);  Bocce Said She Was 18 (whose loss might have had something to do with emptying their cooler which, incidentally, they forgot at the end of the night);  the Segals (who recorded both an ugly loss…and an equally ugly win);  the night’s poster children, Deboccery, and; Swim, Bike, Bocce (who, even with their .571 winning percentage, still couldn’t move into the Top 8).
  • Those of the Middling Performance who fared the worst on Wednesday were License to Roll.  Their split (including a 17-4 loss to the Ball Bustahs, in a reprise of last year’s championship match)  dropped them from first to fourth…and it could have been even worse, were it not for a final-frame gift in their game against the Segals.  A loss to the national service nuts would have meant a fall all the way to eighth place.  With Capo Seth O’Connor out for the season on injured reserve and a number of new faces – including former Ball Bustah stalwart Jeff Gale and Alex “Pitbull” Molina – founding L2R members Ronn Erik and John Lund have three weeks to whip the crew into shape over the next three weeks to have the newbies properly credentialed as post-season bad-asses.

Not all performances were dubious this week, as some squads were clearly in HITSVILLE:

  • Bocce Bartokomous, despite what was clearly an off night for them (were they missing the centering presence of Capo K-Dog?) ground out a win over Cojones Loco, enough to continue their march upward, with them now sitting in 2nd place.
  • The Bocce Babes made it clear that they are still alive in the playoff hunt with their late-game win.  But they’ll need to keep the victory dance bumpin’ over their next five games to have any shot.
  • The big movers of the night were Joey & The Pussycats, with their plodding 2-point win over the Ball Bustahs moving these style-conscious ballers (complete with their hip-ass ringer tees) up an impressive FIVE spots in the standings to take over sole possession of 3rd place.  These folks look like they’re going places their predecessor Sons of a Bocce / Just Jeffersons never did.
  • But the biggest winners of the night were Days of Thunder.  While they had to hold off Bocce Said for a 2-point victory, their crumbling of Team Schweddy like a dusty muffin was not only impressive, it moved them into 1st place, two games ahead of Bocce Bartokomous in the win column.  However, the thunder gods’ bye next week might be costly; if the Bartokomi beat the 11th-place Bocce Babes and 15th-place Mumbling Skulls in Week 7, they will take over the top spot in the standings (by virtue of their 20-7 drubbing of DoT earlier in the season).

And, of course, there were teams this week who moved even deeper into SHITSV…, er…um…PITSVILLE:

  • Finally bested at the end in their 1-point loss to Bocce Bartokomous, the ever-pleasant, ever-colorful (just check out Sixten’s beard) Cojones Loco fell to 2-7.  They’re joined there by What Up, Biocce?, who dropped two games (including their own single-point loss to The Segals) are still trying to figure out what went wrong this season.
  • Despite their own fashion flare, the Meatballs dropped two games of their own, falling to 1-7 (and into the cellar of the NBL).  The bad news: like the Loco ones and What Up, B?, the Meatballs are only mathematically alive in the playoff picture until either their next loss or L2R’s and Joey’s felines’ next victories.  The good news: if Mumbling Skulls drop both of their games in Week 7, the Meatballs will at least have someone to be tied with them at the bottom of the standings.  Ah, hope springs eternal.

    ...but the Meatballs can ALWAYS be counted on for fashion-forward footwear.

    In last place, maybe...but the Meatballs can ALWAYS be counted on for fashion-forward footwear.

The standings after Week 6:

Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff Pts./Game
1 Days of Thunder 8 2 0.800 163 105 58 16.30
2 Bocce Bartokomous 6 2 0.750 146 85 61 18.25
3 Joey & The Pussycats 5 2 0.714 98 76 22 14.00
4 License to Roll 5 2 0.714 84 79 5 12.00
5 Ball Bustahs 6 3 0.667 128 85 43 14.22
6 Bocce Said She Was 18 6 3 0.667 145 118 27 16.11
7 Segals 6 3 0.667 109 93 16 12.11
8 Deboccery 6 3 0.667 131 119 12 14.56
9 Swim, Bike, Bocce 5 4 0.556 103 121 -18 11.44
10 Team Schweddy 4 5 0.444 116 124 -8 12.89
11 Bocce Babes 2 5 0.286 88 100 -12 12.57
12 Cojones Loco 2 7 0.222 104 135 -31 11.56
13 What Up, Biocce? 2 7 0.222 99 151 -52 11.00
14 Revenge of WAH 1 5 0.167 77 94 -17 12.83
15 Mumbling Skulls 1 6 0.143 71 126 -55 10.14
16 Meatballs 1 7 0.125 65 116 -51 8.13



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