Where things stand

24 05 2011

Well, it took a few days (and still dodging some rain drops) to finally get the Week 5 games in…and now we’re past the halfway point.  Here are some thoughts on what’s the what with the NBL at mid-season…and what might happen in the coming weeks.

  • License to Roll moved up three spots to take over first place…without playing a single game this week!  Before the start of the season, smart money in Vegas was riding on these guys taking it all, and it looks like it can happen.  But will their current 12.8 points per game be enough to keep them atop the league as they play seven games over the next four weeks (the most remaining for any team in the league)?
  • On a crusade to unite the championship belts of two of Providence’s bocce leagues (as they currently hold the DownCity league title), Days of Thunder moved up four spots this week to take sole possession of second place.   But, to date, only one of their six victories have been over a team with a winning record.  We’ll see if they are for real as their competition gets tougher in the coming weeks.
  • Bocce Bartokomous have come to play this season, folks.  Their 18 and 1/2 points leads the league…and their two losses were only by a total of five points.  Are they on a championship pace…or have Nagle, Fry, Nagle & Associates peaked too early?
  • A 5-2 record seems to be all the fashion this spring, with four other teams knotted at that mark, from the Ball Bustahs (who are licking their wounds after two short-handed losses on Monday dropped them from first to fourth) to Deboccery (whose +6 point differential might be a slight sign of inconsistency…and perhaps vulnerability).  Bocce Said She Was 18 have been impressive, racking up the second highest points-per-game average while trying to stave off a meltdown like they experienced last season.  The new-look Segals are sporting what might appear to be a measly 12.3 points per game, until you consider that they’ve held their opponents to the fewest points per game in the league.  Yet, they still have the feel of a team trying to forge a new identity…while still holding visions of a third NBL championship.
  • Joey & The Pussycats have shown flashes of greatness on their way to securing the coveted eighth spot in the standings, brandishing their own brand of hipster chic all the while.  They’ll have to hold off a Swim, Bike, Bocce squad who are definitely showing flashes of their Generic/Crew glory days.
  • Two teams that have been struggling — and who are definitely on the proverbial bubble, despite their perennial play-off pedigree — are Team Schweddy and What Up, Biocce? (despite the latter’s win over the Ball Bustahs this past week).  Given that a 7-5 record is what it will probably take to secure a post-season berth (and that might not even cut it for those with weak point differentials), Schweddy has little margin for error the remainder of the season (maybe Feeser just needs to come to the games more “primed”?) — and What Up, B? faces must-wins the rest of the way.
  • There are five more teams that also have to win out if they even want to sniff a chance of making the play-offs.  For Cojones Loco it might be too late already, with their six losses.  Revenge of WAH (who had such a promising start to the season) and the Meatballs might need to wait until the fall to make their first-ever post-season appearances.  And the Bocce Babes and Mumbling Skulls might be haunted by the specter of their former glory, as both have finished as league runners-up in seasons past.

Given all this, here are the NBL standings, following the Week 5 games

    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff Pts./Game
1 License to Roll 4 1 0.800 64 50 14 12.80
2 Days of Thunder 6 2 0.750 126 87 39 15.75
3 Bocce Bartokomous 5 2 0.714 130 70 60 18.57
4 Ball Bustahs 5 2 0.714 103 71 32 14.71
5 Bocce Said She Was 18 5 2 0.714 112 93 19 16.00
6 Segals 5 2 0.714 86 67 19 12.29
7 Deboccery 5 2 0.714 100 94 6 14.29
8 Joey & The Pussycats 4 2 0.667 88 68 20 14.67
9 Swim, Bike, Bocce 4 3 0.571 82 89 -7 11.71
10 Team Schweddy 3 4 0.429 91 99 -8 13.00
11 What Up, Biocce? 2 5 0.286 81 120 -39 11.57
12 Cojones Loco 2 6 0.250 89 119 -30 11.13
13 Revenge of WAH 1 5 0.167 77 94 -17 12.83
14 Bocce Babes 1 5 0.167 70 88 -18 11.67
15 Meatballs 1 5 0.167 44 79 -35 7.33
16 Mumbling Skulls 1 6 0.143 71 126 -55 10.14



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