Crunch time

16 10 2010

Going into the last week of the regular season, five play-off spots are already secured, with six teams fighting for the last three spots.  Here’s a snapshot of the post-season hopes for the league.

One – two punch
#1 Segals and #2 License to Roll have clearly been the best teams throughout the season.  Despite one major hiccup each, they have been the class of the league, securing play-off spots a few weeks ago.  But the Segals hold the key tie-breaker, having defeated L2R earlier in the season.  These teams are assured of finishing no lower than third place going into the playoffs.

Locked and loaded
Fresh off a nail-biting win over Deboccery (thanks, in large part, to a major tactical error that led to a 4-spot late in the game), #3 Team Schweddy are in great shape for the playoffs, and even have a chance to finish as league runners-up at the end of the regular season.  Following a disastrous Week 6, #4 Bocce Bartokomous are back to their winning ways and looking to finish as high as third place going into the playoffs.  #5 Deboccery have been on a slow decline, with a 2-4 record the middle of Week 3.  But their 5-0 start means that even if they lose their last two games of the season, they’ll have a play-off berth.

Win and they’re in
That’s if they each win both of their games in the final week of the regular season.  #6 Ball Bustahs (ahead because of their head-to-head win earlier in the season) and #7 What Up, Biocce? are assured play-off spots if they have two-win weeks. If they only win one of their games, they enter into a messy world of head-to-head records and point differentials.  If they drop both of their games, all bets are off.

On the hairy edge
#8 Tonsil Bocce and #9 Cojones Loco: even if they both win out in the final week, there might be room for only one of them.  But if they lose, there might be room for neither of them.  It’s clear though that they both teams – including Tonsil Bocce who were this year’s champions in the Providence DownCity Bocce League – need help if they want to make the play-offs in THE Providence bocce league.

Mathematically alive…but….
#10 Sons of a Bocce, thanks to their 3-loss performance in Week 6 (the third team to accomplish this feat this season) , and #11 Bocce Said She Was 18 (who dropped two out of three this past Wednesday) find themselves at the mercy of the bocce gods for a spot in the playoffs.   But the crazily divine series of events that would need to happen – like teams #5-9 would need losing all of their games, and the point differentials then miraculously working out, and the commissioners actually taking the time to see who beat who in the regular season – that these folks, in all reality, should be lumped with the group below.

Playing for pride
The play-off dreams for some of these teams dried up weeks ago…but they keep coming back each week to defend their honor…and for the love of the game, darn it. #12 Bevo Bowlers, with just a few inches difference in the final frame of three of their games (including against Ball Bustahs last week), could realistically be 7-5 and on the verge of the play-offs right now.  The #13 Meatballs were in a hole from the very beginning, with their double forfeit in Week 1, and their play in weeks 4-6 had them on the verge of a phoenix-like comeback which fell back into the dust with two losses this past week.  #14 Swim, Bike, Bocce’s season held some flashes of the glory days of Generic Bocce and Campbell’s Crew from seasons past, but they came far too infrequently to make them the threat they definitely could be. After just missing the play-offs in Spring 2009, the #15 Revenge of WAH have had the worst luck, it seems, because they really are a much better team than their perennial near-the-bottom finishes would indicate.  And their good spirits make them a league mainstay – what would the NBL be without them?  And finally, #16 Mumbling Skulls have weathered defections, roster turmoil, and injury – and are still the first team at the bocce pitch week in and week out, a living definition of the bocce spirit.

OK, folks…the standings going into the final week of the regular season are:

    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff
1 Segals 10 2 0.833 207 133 74
2 License to Roll 10 2 0.833 212 131 81
3 Team Schweddy 8 3 0.727 166 128 38
4 Bocce Bartokomous 8 4 0.667 156 140 16
5 Deboccery 7 4 0.636 172 146 26
6 Ball Bustahs 6 5 0.545 155 153 2
7 What Up, Biocce? 6 5 0.545 179 147 32
8 Tonsil Bocce 6 6 0.500 160 144 16
9 Cojones Loco 5 6 0.455 140 157 -17
10 Sons of a Bocce 5 7 0.417 150 163 -13
11 Bocce Said She Was 18 4 7 0.364 134 161 -27
12 Bevo Bowlers 4 8 0.333 177 192 -15
13 Meatballs 4 8 0.333 111 171 -60
14 Swim, Bike, Bocce 3 8 0.273 145 156 -11
15 Revenge of WAH 3 8 0.273 106 165 -59
16 Mumbling Skulls 3 9 0.250 121 204 -83



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