Segals, Schweddy and Bocce Said soar…the rest of us bore

2 10 2010

That was pretty much the story in Week 6…as the play-off picture largely remained the same.

While the Segals went on a 3-0 terror on Wednesday (averaging 19 ppg in the process) and Team Schweddy (after crumbling like a dusty muffin to the aforementioned Segals) and Bocce Said She Was 18 (after their own drubbing by the Segals) both won easily in their other two games of the night, everyone else seemed to mail in faltering or underwhelming performances. 

Certainly, there were some other highlights…but these were mixed among many, many lowlights.  Examples:

  • While Swim, Bike, Bocce  recaptured their laser-like form of seasons of yore in their 21-3 systematic dismantling of Bocce Bartokomous, they returned to their more recent habit of ho-hum performances in their 8-point loss to Team Schweddy, one that dropped them to 3-7 on the year…and likely out of the play-off picture.
  • Bocce Bartokomous themselves had to depend upon a forfeit from Revenge of WAH to keep themselves from being placed on a suicide watch after the drubbing by SBB and crumbling 16-15 to Ball Bustahs by blowing a 7-point lead with only two frames remaining in the match.
  • Ball Bustahs, continuing their march of mediocrity (5-5; 8th place; tied for 7th in ppg; a +1 point differentail for the season…you get the picture), followed up their comeback win against the Bartokomi with a yawn-inspiring performance in a 16-8 smackdown by Team Schweddy.  Will the defending champions be able to limp into the playoffs again this season?
  • Revenge of WAH erased a 9-point deficit in the last three frames of their match against their progeny, Bevo Bowlers,  to score a stunning 18-7 comeback victory…only to have to forfeit their second game of the night when two fellow WAHsters bailed after the first game, WAHster Dan called in to say he didn’t feel like getting out of bed after his early-evening nap, and Capo Barb somehow thought it more important to spend a few days at a beautiful lakefront home in Maine than to come back for an evening of NBL action.  Can you imagine?  Thanks, though, to Angela for not only heading out to DePasquale Square to (unsuccessfully) find folks who might want to serve as alternates, but for coming back to referee a 9:00 p.m. game, sans teammates.
  • OK, so Cojones Loco did win their only game (an important potentially tie-breaking 14-point win over the Meatballs, both now 4-6), but the fact that they’ll need to go 3-0 over the last two weeks makes Wednesday’s win only mildly newsworthy, especially for a team that has mustered back-to-back wins only once this year.
  • While Bevo Bowlers’ loss to Revenge of WAH likely knocked them out of play-off contention this season, they did muster a hard-fought 20-18, victory against Mumbling Skulls, knocking the Skulls back into last place and a 2-9 record.
  • We’re not sure if it was the pre-game dinner and drinks they were spotted having at a Federal Hill hot spot.  Perhaps it could have been a karmic wind blowing bravado and the stench of their cheap cigars back into their faces.  Or maybe it is the inevitable fall for a team that has been so hot for so long (their 8-0 run this season ties 3 Guys, 4 Balls’ league record set in Spring 2008).  Whatever the cause, License to Roll looked like they left both the license and their intimidation factor at home on Wednesday night, losing to Bocce Said She Was 18, 16-11.  Can the boys reclaim their style over the next couple of weeks?  Or are they beginning their descent toward an early-round departure in the play-offs?

The league standings going into Week 7 are:

    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff
1 License to Roll 9 2 0.818 192 120 72
2 Segals 9 2 0.818 186 128 58
3 Team Schweddy 6 3 0.667 135 103 32
4 Deboccery 6 3 0.667 139 120 19
5 Bocce Bartokomous 7 4 0.636 142 132 10
6 What Up, Biocce? 6 4 0.600 166 126 40
7 Sons of Bocce 5 4 0.556 118 114 4
8 Ball Bustahs 5 5 0.500 140 139 1
9 Tonsil Bocce 5 6 0.455 139 131 8
10 Cojones Loco 4 6 0.400 125 144 -19
11 Meatballs 4 6 0.400 89 137 -48
12 Bocce Said She Was 18 3 5 0.375 93 114 -21
13 Swim, Bike, Bocce 3 7 0.300 137 135 2
14 Bevo Bowlers 3 7 0.300 142 167 -25
15 Revenge of WAH 3 7 0.300 101 144 -43
16 Mumbling Skulls 2 9 0.182 102 192 -90



7 responses

2 10 2010
OrgulhoDaFamiliaLS♥ Secrets You Never Knew | Isvin

[…] Segals, Schweddy and Bocce Unwritten go sky-high…the surplu… […]

4 10 2010
Ron Klinger

Commish…can you check the stats for Campbells crew for our first season? i thought we ran off 10 or so straight before losing in the playoffs.


4 10 2010
Nocabulabet Bocce League

Ron…thanks for reminding me of that bit of history. Sorry for forgetting that. I won’t take away that bit of nostalgia from you, given the woeful demise of the Crew / SBB since then.

Commissioner P.

5 10 2010

Drubbing/drubbed appears to be the word of the week. =) I think the word for next week should be BAMF in regards to good performances. haha

6 10 2010
Nocabulabet Bocce League

Shellacking….walloping…ass-kicking…maybe we’ll use some of those next week.

13 10 2010


15 10 2010

we gon’ party tonight

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