Word travels fast…

22 09 2010

In this age of the World Wide Web and hand-held Google machines, word sure does travel fast…even about things as wonderfully inane as the weekly scores of the Nocabulabet Bocce League. 

While yours truly was kicking around the Big Apple last Wednesday (well, in Downtown Brooklyn, to be more precise), the electronic smack-talk about Wednesday’s events started pouring in on my (quickly disintegrating) Blackberry.  Seems folks LOVE to use the internet to talk trash about others…and felt like Commissioner P. must have no life and couldn’t live without knowing what was happening at the corner of Spruce and Dean back in the hometown.  (Actually, I was happy that folks thought enough of me to write.)  Some of the earth-shattering news flashes follow:

  • Moments after their comeback against The Meatballs fell short, one Ball Bustah teammate texted me with the following: “We lost. Brock cost us a chance for another frame.”  Brock?  As in Brock who carried our sorry asses to the play-offs last year and who was certainly the MVP of the championship rounds?  That Brock?  What gratitude!  I mean, this is the same as if Red Sox fans would ever boo Manny Ramirez…or if Packer fans would ever turn on Brett Favre.  Those things would just never happen.
  • A short time later my Facebook homepage held this little jewel posted by one of Team Schweddy‘s number: “‎21-4 Win at Bocce game tonight! Woot! Now our record is 3-1. Gonna try to keep it at only one loss for the season. =)”  No disrespect to Mumbling Skulls…but it does seem a bit much to go all ga-ga after beating a team in last place…with a basically whole new roster.  Schweddy must be feelin’ it as they make a run to reclaim the NBL championship.
  • An exuberant member of Bocce Bartokomous couldn’t help himself from recounting their epic comeback after trailing Bevo Bowlers 17-4 with 7 minutes left in the match.  The main highlight of the long recap was the following message “transcribed from an im convo with a friend”:

                    we hit a bocce!

                   we toss the pallino and…
                   we hit another bocce! (that’s back-to-back bocce, baby)

                   officials call two frames left.

                  then we ease back and hit a measly twofer

                  17-14 going into the last frame
                  3 to tie, bocce to win
                  me and Mike Waugh rolling
                  I toss the pallino and get kinda close
                  the other team blows chunks, they can’t beat me
                  I ease another in there (not too hard, it’s WIDE open)
                  Mike Waugh places one for the tie
                  I look at him and think ‘no pressure’
                  he rolls……..
                  it heads toward the cluster…..
                  makes a little tap, and….
                  BOCCE FTW!
                   I feel like John Elway after The Drive

            I know, Bevo Bowlers…it’s cruel to have your pain forever cast in the cement of
            cyberspace.  But if a Cleveland fan can take the jab about The Drive, you can
            take a little bit of ribbing, I’m sure…

  • One of my fellow (or sister?) commissioners had something to add about a couple of games.   Regarding What Up, Biocce?‘s 16-point romp over the hapless WAHsters: “may i add that jessica and jamie had 3 bocces to help win the game with 15 minutes left on the clock.  :)”  And as for the Bevo Bowlers’ 11-point loss to The Segals later in the evening (sorry, Bevo Boys…I know I’m piling on): “Bevo B. was (sic) determined to win after their devastating loss earlier in the night (it didn’t happen) and kept the crowd laughing as they tried to pump themselves up.”

Just a little of what the wonders of the information superhighway (does anyone call it that anymore) bring to my life.

Anyway, here are the standings after this past week’s action:

    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff
1 License to Roll 7 1 0.875 141 89 52
2 Segals 5 1 0.833 99 65 34
3 Deboccery 6 2 0.750 129 102 27
4 Team Schweddy 3 1 0.750 63 38 25
5 What Up, Biocce? 5 2 0.714 116 80 36
6 Bocce Bartokomous 4 2 0.667 80 84 -4
7 Sons of Bocce 3 2 0.600 64 53 11
8 Ball Bustahs 3 3 0.500 84 77 7
9 Meatballs 4 5 0.444 84 118 -34
10 Tonsil Bocce 4 6 0.400 118 119 -1
11 Cojones Loco 2 4 0.333 67 100 -33
12 Swim, Bike, Bocce 2 5 0.286 97 92 5
13 Bevo Bowlers 2 6 0.250 105 131 -26
14 Revenge of WAH 2 6 0.250 83 117 -34
15 Bocce Said She Was 18 1 3 0.250 39 53 -14
16 Mumbling Skulls 1 5 0.167 51 102 -51

BTW, a few other interesting things to point out (that my e-friends didn’t cover):

  • After starting the season 0-4, The Meatballs have gone on a 4-1 run…and have moved from dead last to being very much alive in the play-off picture.  But with only having four games over the last four weeks of the season, they still have little margin of error if they want to see post-season play.
  • League-leading License to Roll and the Segals join The Meatballs as the hottest teams in the league right now, thanks in part to the latter  national-service nuts being the third team this season to have a 3-win night.  Interestingly, L2R might have already clinched a play-off spot at the half-way point through the season.  Deboccery is still hanging strong in third place, even with losses in each of the last two weeks.
  • What Up, Biocce? might also be part of the “hottest” conversation, given their own 3-game run (with an average of 20 points per game over that span).  They’ve moved from 15th place after Week 1 to 5th place at the mid-way point in the season. What Up, B? has the second best average per game at 16.57, second only to L2R at 17.63 ppg.
  • After seeming to have righted their bocce ship, Tonsil Bocce took a couple of broadsides this past week, dropping them to 4-6 for the season.  It looks like they’ll need to win their last three games if they want to have a chance of making the play-offs in their inaugural season.
  • Nearly half of the games last week were decided by 9 points or more…the first week of the season to see a plethora of lop-sided victories.

While the NBL was plugging away, I was catching a bit of this petanque game (the French version of bocce) on the courts at Bryant Park in NYC.



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