And then there was one

4 09 2010

All in all, the competition in Week 2 was crisp and the entire league looks like they’ve shaken the early season jitters.  Four teams entered this week’s play undefeated.  But after License to Roll, the Segals, and Sons of Bocce all lost one of their games…only one remains: Deboccery.  These OGs of the NBL are playing for keeps and keepin’ it real this season, folks.  Using laser-precision rolls to score 21 points in three of their four victories, Deboccery is showing no signs of slowing down.  But could they be peaking too soon?

The standings after two weeks of play:

    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff
1 Deboccery 4 0 1.000 78 44 34
2 License to Roll 3 1 0.750 70 55 15
3 Bocce Bartokomous 3 1 0.750 55 46 9
4 Segals 2 1 0.667 48 39 9
5 Sons of Bocce 2 1 0.667 38 29 9
6 Team Schweddy 2 1 0.667 42 34 8
7 Bevo Bowlers 2 2 0.500 55 58 -3
8 What Up, Biocce? 2 2 0.500 55 58 -3
9 Ball Bustahs 1 1 0.500 31 29 2
10 Cojones Loco 1 1 0.500 27 34 -7
11 Mumbling Skulls 1 1 0.500 22 31 -9
12 Revenge of WAH 1 2 0.333 32 38 -6
13 Bocce Said She Was 18 1 2 0.333 28 39 -11
14 Swim, Bike, Bocce 1 3 0.250 50 54 -4
15 Tonsil Bocce 1 4 0.200 53 59 -6
16 Meatballs 0 4 0.000 18 55 -37

Other points of interest from this week’s action on the courts:

  • Over two-thirds of the NBL teams are currently have a winning percentage of .500 or better, interesting considering that two of last season’s eight play-off teams had records of 5-6, including Spring 2010 champions, Ball Bustahs.
  • Bocce Bartokomous was the first team to win three games in a week, including a four-point victory over the Segals.  No longer perfect strangers in the league, BB are looking to find the form that won them last year’s one-day lawn tournament.
  • As a cosmic counter-balance, Tonsil Bocce pulled off a hat-trick, dropping three games in what turned out to be a long evening for the league new-comers.  The good news: their losses on Wednesday were by a total of just 10 points…and to the three teams currently leading the league, meaning they could be on the way to finding their rhythm.  The bad news: their only win this season was by forfeit.  These latest transplants from the DownCity bocce league aren’t  the first one’s who have found the transition from the gravel pit to the surfaces (and superior play) of the NBL more than a bit daunting.  Because, really, the courts at Nocabulabet Park are pristine…just look at the Off-Ramp Court
  • Despite their perennial grace and ever-fashionable footwear, the women of the Meatballs find themselves as the only winless team after Week 2.  But these gals got spunk…so don’t count them out just yet.  I mean, women with a beer bottle openers built into the soles of their sandals (really!) is coming to play, folks.
  • You might have noticed that Just Jacksons are no more…that’s because they’ve morphed into Sons of Bocce.  They split their two games in this first week under their nouveau nom de plume, one loss coming at the hands of Team Schweddy who righted the universe with their first two wins of the season.
  • What Up, Biocce? are looking like they are getting things back on track, going 2-1 this week, putting them in 8th place, perhaps recapturing the form that took them to last year’s championship game against Team Schweddy.
  • The alter-ego-ing didn’t have the same effect for Swim, Bike, Bocce (formerly Generic Crew (which was born last year from the melding of Generic Bocce (and Black Magic Crew (nee Campbell’s Crew (who had grace enough to drop the “Campbell” after several of their players were unceremoniously laid-off by Textron (whose CEO is the aforementioned Campbell)))))) who dropped both of their games, one a heartbreaking 18-17 loss to the Bevo Bowlers (who, themselves, are a spin-off of Revenge of WAH (who were once the Royal Order of WAH (a fraternal organization they saw referenced on a roadside sign (you know, one of those signs that says so-and-so group is responsible for cleaning a stretch of road (which is inevitably trash-strewn)  on the New Hampshire (or was it Vermont?) backroads (which means the sign was probably partially obliterated by buckshot like a lot of those backroads signs are (especially in a state with the motto “Live Free or Die” (if it was, indeed, that state))) on a weekend road-trip/boozefest (which Jason was not invited to join))), a team spawned from the CAT Rollers, which emerged from the blending of players from the first season’s Conscientious Objectors and the Anti-Thematics (who had a player who skipped a season due to a graduate course but who then formed the George Jefferson Starplanes (who the next season became the Rake-Jobs (because of their frequent post-game activities due to their two-win season) (and who eventually became the aforementioned Just Jacksons (turned Sons of Bocce), yet it is unclear if any of the CAT Rollers went on to join the Bocce Organization of Beer Swillers (BOoBS) (who were created mostly of players from the Mojosapiens (who ultimately became Mumbling Skulls (who had three players also spin-off this year to form License to Roll (which has been in the making since their valiant effort at last fall’s one-day lawn tournament, an event won by Bocce Bartokomous (which was referenced above (in a previous bullet point)))))) .  Got all that?



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