Wild Week 7 seals play-off fates

17 06 2010

Well, after the final games (which finished, thankfully, just before the rain began to fall), and after all the number crunching…we have the final official results for the season, with the top eight teams making the play-offs which take place next Wednesday, June 23.

NOCABULABET BOCCE LEAGUE — Spring 2010 Final Regular Season Standings

    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff
1 Team Schweddy 9 2 0.818 191 137 54
2 What Up, Biocce? 8 3 0.727 177 139 38
3 The Segals 8 3 0.727 165 126 39
4 Bocce Babes 8 3 0.727 176 159 17
5 That’s How We Roll 7 4 0.636 138 164 -26
6 Mumbling Skulls 7 4 0.636 175 157 18
7 Bocce Said She Was 18 5 6 0.455 178 140 38
8 Ball Bustahs 5 6 0.455 157 153 4
9 Just Jacksons 5 6 0.455 158 149 9
10 Bocce Bartokomous 5 6 0.455 150 164 -14
11 Generic Crew 4 7 0.364 151 189 -38
12 Deboccery 4 7 0.364 143 169 -26
13 Revenge of WAH 3.5 7 0.333 155 184 -29
14 The Meatballs 3 8 0.273 122 181 -59
15 Cojones Loco 2.5 8 0.238 137 170 -33
16 Three Guys, Four Balls 2 9 0.182 107 145 -38

To break-down why the teams ended up where they did, it is important to remember that the first tie-breaker is any head-to-head competition between teams; point differential is the second tie-breaker. Given this:

  • Defending champions Team Schweddy are sitting in first place given their unparalleled 9-2 record, thanks to an impressive 9-point victory over What Up, Biocce?, their nemesis in last year’s championship match. Was this a preview of this spring’s championship, as well.
  • What Up, Biocce? finished in second place, given their victories earlier this season over both The Segals and the Bocce Babes; since the two-time champion Segals also defeated the Bocce Babes, these teams finished third and fourth, respectively. (It was also good to see the svelte Segal capo emeritus back on the courts in Week 7.)
  • That’s How We Roll (5th) beat Mumbling Skulls (6th)…and, therefore, finished ahead of them, despite being the only play-off team with a negative point differential (-26).
  • After a disappointing 2-5 start to the season, Bocce Said She Was 18 went on a 3-1 run (the only blemish during this period a 1-point loss to Team Schweddy in what was perhaps the best match of this regular season). After rolling a final-ball extra-frame victory over the Revenge of WAH in Week 7, Bocce Said finished 5-6, along with the Ball Bustahs, Bocce Bartokomous, and Just Jacksons. With their earlier-season victories over the Bustahs and the Jacksons and a +52 point differential over Bartokomous, Bocce Said She Was 18 finished the regular season in 7th place, the only newbie team to make the play-offs.
  • Despite a 3-loss Van de Veldian collapse in Week 7, Ball Bustahs ended up in 8th place, backing in to the play-off spot, due to their Week 2 victory over Just Jacksons (9th) and a +18 point differential over Bocce Bartokmous (10th). Bartokomous, the fall 2009 one-day tourney winners, held on to the final playoff spot for many weeks…but the math just didn’t work for them in the end.
  • Generic Crew won a moral victory and 11th place, thanks to their win in the regular season finale with Deboccery (12th). Perhaps more exciting for the Generics, though, is that they will be celebrating the first Nocabulabet Bocce wedding! After having met on the courts last fall, Melanie and Eric will be tying the proverbial knot this fall. It’s true folks: bocce is life!
  • Revenge of WAH, The Meatballs, and Cojones Loco all showed flashes of brilliance during the season, staying alive in the play-off hunt into the final weeks…but it just wasn’t enough. They ended up filling the 13th, 14th, and 15th slots, respectively.
  • League legends 3 Guys, 4 Balls, after starting the season with four forfeit losses, found it hard to muster two wins (and a consistent line-up) the rest of the way…finishing the season at a shocking 2-9 and in last place in the league. Will this last of three remaining original Nocabulabet Bocce League teams be back next season? Or are the rumors true that these long-time bocce legends might turn journeyman, offering their services to a team trying to make it over the hump…and into the annals of bocce history?

Stay tuned…more information coming about the playoffs.



2 responses

17 06 2010

wow, a marriage forged at our little bocce league. that’s the kind of thing that will put Nocabulabet ON THE MAP!

15 08 2010

When you need more bocce balls… come find us!

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