A new era

4 10 2009

Well, it’s official…there will definitely be a new champion in the NBL this season.  After the defending-champion Segals were eliminated from the playoff hunt this past Wednesday with losses in two of there three games, paving the proverbial way for another team to place their name on the league trophy.

With three teams now out of the running (the Royal Order of WAH – who won their first game this past week! – and Team Matsuflex are gone, too), that leaves ten more along a continuum of “barely possible” to “already there” for the playoffs.

Here’s where things now stand:

Snowball’s chance

Mumbling Skulls (3-6) and That’s How We Roll (4-6)

While mathematically style alive in the playoff hunt, there are so many other things that need to line up for these teams to make it  that the Vatican will be sending a team to verify the miracle if either one of them is playing in the post-season.

The sands of time are running out…

The Meatballs (4-5) and The [Black Magic] Crew (5-5) 

There will be some 7-5 teams in the playoffs, no doubt…so these two teams have a chance to be in the mix.  The Crew are on a roll with a two-win performance this past week…and hoping that it can continue.  The Meatballs, though, will need to win three in a row, in a season where they haven’t been able to post back-to-back victories. 

Controlling their own destinies

Generic Bocce (6-4), Deboccery (6-3), and The Rake-Jobs (6-3) 

Win one, and these teams are in the playoff mix; win two, and these teams secure a playoff spot.  But with Deboccery playing What Up, Biocce? and The Rake-Jobs this coming week…and with The Rake-Jobs’ match against Ball Bustahs in Week 8, that’s not as easy as it sounds.  It might be coming down to point differentials, folks.

Breathing easier

What Up, Biocce? (7-2) and Team Schweddy (7-4)

These teams have already won the magical 7 games …and with one more victory they clinch a playoff spot.  But three of their remaining 4 games total are against other playoff contenders, making it a delicate task.

First to clinch

Ball Bustahs (9-1)

The Ball Bustahs have already secured their playoff berth.  Now it just remains to be seen if they’ll have a first-round bye or not.  But with their remaining regular season games being against What Up, Biocce? and The Rake-Jobs, they still have some work to do.


STANDINGS after Week 6            
    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff
1 Ball Bustahs 9 1 0.900 177 122 55
What Up, Biocce?
2 0.778 164 109 55
The Rake-Jobs
6 3 0.667 130 110 20
4 Deboccery 6 3 0.667 137 120 17
Team Schweddy
7 4 0.636 176 138 38
6 Generic Bocce Team
4 0.600 146 143 3
Black Magic Crew
5 5 0.500 135 152 -17
The Meatballs
4 5 0.444 126 146 -20
That’s How We Roll
6 0.400 140 144 -4
10 The Segals 4 7 0.364 170 172 -2
11 Mumbling Skulls 3 6 0.333 104 140 -36
Team Matsuflex
1 8 0.111 101 144 -43
The Royal Order of WAH
9 0.100 99 165 -66



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