Reflections at the Mid-Way Point

23 09 2009

It’s looking more and more like the NBL will see a new champion crowned his season…but we’ve been here before.  Some highlights as we hit the mid-way point in Week 4: 

  • The Rake-Jobs entered the week in first place, won their only game (against a re-engineered Generic Bocce squad)…and still find themselves falling into second place by the end of the evening.  Statistics are a funny thing…and so is kismet.  Are these folks destined for greatness?  Or futility?
  • And so who are the folks who find themselves in first place?  Amidst (groundless) grumblings of commissioner wrong-doing, the Ball Bustahs have taken top spot in the standings, with wins over Mumbling Skulls and the Segals, thanks to some hot rolling by Jeff G., fresh off a rehab start in Pawtucket last week.
  • Speaking of the Segals…what gives?  After two losses this week, the defending champs have dropped to 11th place in the league.  These folks have a history of coming from some desperate situations to squeak into the playoffs, but currently at 2-5 on the season, the Segals are going to need to win at least 4 of their last 5 games to have a realistic shot at a playoff spot.  Are these national-service nuts up for challenge?
  • After several weeks in the 4th slot, What Up, Biocce? has moved to 3rd place; Deboccery, due to a close loss to Team Schweddy have dropped from 2nd to 4th place.
  • And with their two victories this week, Team Schweddy have jumped to 5th from 7th place…and they are definitely feeling it folks.  Look for some more high-spirited antics when they play Black Magic Crew and the Ball Bustahs this coming week.
  • There was a major event last Wednesday that might have slipped by you…our own Festival of Losers.  The Battle for the Bottom.  The Melee of Mediocrity.  The War of the Worst.  Yes, the “0-fer” teams played…and I best the way to sum it up is that Team Matsuflex sucked less than Royal Order of WAH.  We’re definitely very near the Apocalypse if either of these teams make the playoffs this season…but they certainly can play the spoiler.  Or will the Royal Order of WAN make league history and be the first NLB team to go winless for the season? 

Here are the NBL standings following Week 4:

                                                    Wins   Losses      Pct.         PF     PA    Diff

1       Ball Bustahs                       5           1          0.833     109    74    35

2       The Rake-Jobs                  5          1          0.833       92     64    28

3       What Up, Biocce?             5          2         0.714     130    87    43

4       Deboccery                          4          2         0.667       93     83    10

5       Team Schweddy               5          3         0.625     121   100    21

6       Generic Bocce Team       4          3        0.571      101     97      4

7       That’s How We Roll         3          3        0.500        88     87       1

8       Black Magic Crew            3           3        0.500       73     96    -23

9       Mumbling Skulls              3           4        0.429       83   109    -26

10     The Meatballs                   2          4         0.333       80   105   -25

11     The Segals                           2          5         0.286      109  111      -2

12     Team Matsuflex               1          5          0.167       75     89    -14

13     Royal Order of WAH      0         6          0.000      49   101    -52



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