WEEK 3: Some Sailed, More Flailed, a Few Failed, and One Bailed (sorta…)

14 09 2009

This past week was a quite night…so quiet that the recycling bin was less than half filled!  Could it have been the melancholy of the impending autumn…or that Team Matsuflex were no-shows (more on that below)?  Whatever the reason, it was still a fine night of bocce.  Now for the recap… 

Some Sailed:

  • Deboccery: This team was the big winner of the night, jumping from 7th place to 2nd place in the standings, largely due to their 1-point victory over the previously undefeated Ball Bustahs.  These folks look like they are finding their groove…and have games against the middling Meatballs and Team Schweddy this coming week.
  • Team Schweddy: They only had one game…but the 21-spot they put on the winless Royal Order of WAH helped them pull back to .500 for the season.
  • The Segals: Well…it’s really hard to say they actually “sailed,” with a skin-of-their-teeth final-frame win over The Rake-Jobs…but it kept the defending champs from falling to 1-4 to open the season.  Will they be able to keep the momentum going without surprise visits from their capo emeritus?

More Flailed:

  • What Up, Biocce?: A 3-game night…and two solid victories to begin it.  With a third victory, they would take over the top spot in the standings.  But That’s How We Roll decided it was time to put a “21” on the board.  The result: WUB back in 4th place, just where they began the evening.
  • There were a host of teams who split their games 1-1, all sputtering to various degrees of mediocrity (and slippage in the league standings): Generic Bocce, Ball Bustahs, That’s How We Roll, and Mumbling Skulls.
  • The Rake-Jobs: While these folks experienced their first loss of the season, their nip-and-tuck antics with The Segals and the fact that they are still in 1st place make it hard to say that they “failed.”  But will the loss allow doubt to creep into the minds of last season’s loveable losers?

A Few Failed:

  • Black Magic Crew: These folks find themselves topping off this week’s losers’ line-up, not due to their new Alistair Crowley-esque moniker.  Not due to a failure of heart (I mean, capo Rob played despite recent knee surgery, even doing push ups before the game…you ain’t gonna see that in the NFL anytime soon, folks).  Not because they played particularly poorly as they gave What Up, Biocce? a competitive game. No…they are among this week’s failures because they were TOTALLY blown off when trying to recruit our most recent permanent on-looker and Nocabulabet Park regular to play as an alternate.  And the failed (and ill-advised) reconnaissance to Pastiche (yes, that Pastiche) to find a sub just added to the insult…until Mumbling Skulls saved the day by offering up their sub for a later game.   
  • The Meatballs: The ‘Balls almost made the “flailed” list…but they landed here because they blew a solid lead over the Ball Bustahs by tightening up like a sphincter in a jailhouse Joan River’s face after a visit to the plastic surgeon, finally losing by one in a last-frame defeat.  This dropped them two spots to 10th place.
  • They Royal Order of WAH: Or is that BLAH? ‘Cuz these folks are finding it hard to do anything right.  Not only are they winless with a league-last -39 point differential, they’re averaging an anemic 7.25 points per game.  Disappointing for a team who were in the play-off hunt last season.  The good news?  If you are the Royal Order: two-thirds of your season lies ahead, and you can turn it around.  If you are an upcoming opponent: you play them soon.

And One Bailed:

  • Well not totally bailed…as I received an apologetic text message 18 minutes after they were supposed to be on the court (why no phone call?).  However, Team Matsuflex‘s grandmother’s-funeral / bad-traffic / folks-working-late-at-the-last-minute / dog-ate-the-directions-to-the-court excuses were less than convincing.  Could it be that Barons of Bravado have lost their nerve to soldier on due to an 0-3 start (now 0-4 with their forfeit) start?  Or will they man up (i.e., continue to be carried by their girlfriends) and overcome this season’s ultimate “bailure” – Capo Chad’s failure to show up for a single game thus far?

The league standings following Week 3 action are:

    Wins Losses Pct. PF PA Diff
1 The Rake-Jobs 4 1 0.800 76 52 24
2 Deboccery 3 1 0.750 59 52 7
3 Ball Bustahs 3 1 0.750 69 49 20
4 What Up, Biocce? 4 2 0.667 109 84 25
5 Generic Bocce Team 3 2 0.600 77 70 7
6 Mumbling Skulls 3 2 0.600 72 67 5
7 Team Schweddy 3 3 0.500 84 76 8
8 That’s How We Roll 3 3 0.500 88 87 1
9 The Segals 2 3 0.400 81 71 10
10 The Meatballs 2 3 0.400 65 84 -19
11 Black Magic Crew 2 3 0.400 56 83 -27
12 Team Matsuflex 0 4 0.000 41 63 -22
13 The Royal Order of WAH 0 4 0.000 29 68 -39



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1 10 2009

Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your feeds too now, Thanks.

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