A thorough recap of the regular season finale

22 06 2009

Week 8 turned out to be quite a way to end the season…culminating with a championship match-up that any major sports commissioner would drool over: it’s Yankees vs. Red Sox, Ohio State vs. Michigan, Ali vs. Frasier, East Coast vs. West Coast rolled into one.  But more on that later…

The night started out with six games to finish off the regular season.  That’s How We Roll laid a 4-spot on Mumbling Skulls in the final frame of their match…only making the Angela Family + Duane wonder “what if” they had prevented Generic Bocce from doing the same to them the week before.  Speaking of Generic B., they and 3 Guys, 4 Balls played what might have been the most exciting, well-played game in Nocabulabet history, with the Generics nudging out the ball-challenged trio-turned-foursome, finishing with an impressive 12-1 regular season record.  In in the final 6:45 p.m. match-up, Team Matsuflex (who arrived directly from their daytime jobs…sans stop at the local packie) won their match against the Geo. Jeff. Starplanes — and found themselves finishing in second with a first-round playoff bye. 

Four play-off spots were filled…only two remained open, but there were three remaining contenders, each playing in the final game slot of the evening, hoping they would survive for a shot at the treasured NBL championship trophy. 

The Segals, while clearly out trash-talked by the Ball Bustahs, squeaked by with a one-point victory (after a suspect call by a Segal-supporting referee…who had to ref because the aforementioned Matsuflexers blew off their reffing duties because they were jonesin’ for a trip to the packie)…and the fifth play-off spot was fillled. 

Then all friggin’ hell broke loose.  Well, not really hell…just lameness and a few moments confusion.  First, the Bocce Babes lost to 3 Guys, etc.  And then Deboccery lost to Campbell’s Crew.  But the Bocce Babes had beaten Deboccery earlier in the season.  So the Bocce Babes were in the playoffs.  And Deboccery was out.  But the Red Sox of Bocci couldn’t pull together enough of their team to play…so instead of showing up to recruit alternates, they just didn’t show up at all.  So, after consultation and soul-searching, the commissioner determined that Deboccery was back in…but one of their players was already headed back to Attleboro, but she didn’t pick up the phone when they were calling to have her come back, and… 

You get the picture.  Things settled down, though, and the first round of the playoffs went pretty much to plan.  The third-seed 3 Guys beat the #6 Deboccery (avenging their stunning loss in Week 5) and the #4 Segals dismissed the Bocce Babes (who would not repeat last spring’s trip to the finals). 

But the semi-final round had twists and turns galore.  #2 Team Matsuflex was back at the court, clearly having found the packie (and a couple of watering holes to and fro), and they and 3 Guys had a back-and-forth slugfest going, that is until last spring’s champs laid one and then two 4-spot “bocces” on the stunned ‘Flexers and sent them to another post-season filled with more trips to the packie and ruminations about their demise amidst dreams of what might have been. 

And on the other court, the onlookers and players alike were dazed and uncomfortably quiet after the seemingly invincible Generic Bocce juggernaut stalled, falling to a 6-0 deficit, and then ten and finally to a 13-0 hole they dug for themselves against the defending champion Segals.  But then they started to come back…and come back some more, until they tied the game at 13-13.  Everything seemed right in Mudville once again…but the juggernaut sputtered, this time for good.  Generic Bocce denied a trip to the finals for the second year in a row. 

Sad, very sad…but somehow, I can’t help but believe that GB’s loss was the Nocabulabet Bocce leagues boon…as there loss resulted in the match-up of match-ups coming to be: the defending champion Segals vs. the Spring 2008 champions, 3 Guys, 4 Balls. 

In case you weren’t aware of it folks, there’s a little tension between these teams, folks.  Well, maybe more than a little… 

It started during the Fall 2008 Wild Colonial Bocce Tournament when a rules shift for the finals put The Segals in a bit of a tizzy…and the 3 Guys jumped all over the opportunity, winning not only on the field of play…but seemingly in the rich fields of the mind.  Hard feelings grew with gibes at the Fall “banquet” and trophy presentations.  And things seem to have deteriorated from there. 

I mean, there has to be bad blood if folks are going to be anything but friendly on the St. Patrick’s Day Prep Pub Crawl.  And “conversations” at the league registration this season and other events – along with outright cheering for one another’s opponents (once while the Segals were reffing a 3 Guys game) – have only added to the bad blood. 

And now, they are ready to meet again on the only field of battle that REALLY matters: the Spruce Street Bocce Courts to end another fine Nocabulabet season.

Be there folks…it’s gonna be a great one.  History in the making.  The grudge match of grudge matches.  Bragging rights and more on the line.  And bocce glory for the taking.

Something tells me this match-up won’t end up with an exchange of addresses so that folks can send one another holiday greetings.  Unless. maybe, it’s for Halloween…or Groundhog’s Day…or April Fools.

Ah, a match-up that a commissioner could only hope for…



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