Week Five Recap – Oct 1

7 10 2008

So here we are…going into Week 6 of the season (with forecasts of another lovely, cloudless night for Wednesday) with six teams still alive in the playoff hunt.  Will the standings remain the same after the final week of the season…or will those standing on the outside be able to muster some late-season magic?  Here’s how it looks going into Games 11 and 12 of the season.
#1 Campbell ’s Crew: At this point, the Crew are the only team to have secured a spot in the playoffs, despite their first loss of the season to the surging Ball Bustahs in Week 5.  The Crew can secure the top seed in the playoffs with a win or a Ball Bustah’s loss this coming week.
#2 Bocce Org. of BS: The hottest team in the league, the BOoBs have won their last six games.  They hold second place because they have beaten the other teams who stand at 7-3, too – critical, if tiebreakers should come into play.  While they are in good shape to secure a playoff spot, their relatively low point differential (+12) could come to haunt them should they have an off night and the East Side Ballers roll well in Week 6.
#3 Generic Bocce Team: After two tough losses in Week 3, the Generics have since gone a solid 3-1.  They control their own destiny for a playoff berth, but their penchant for close games could be a concern, especially this coming week against the 5th place East Side Ballers (who go into the game with a 1-0 lead against the Generics); another loss to the Ballers could spell disaster for the Generics who looked like a play-off lock earlier in the season.
#4 Ball Bustahs: On a 4-0 run, the Bustahs might be peaking at the right time.  Their earlier victories over the East Side Ballers and The Segals, along with their +48 point differential put them in a comfortable spot going into Week 6.  Yet, the Ball Bustahs stand at an interesting crossroads: they are the only team that can still (however, unlikely) can snatch first place from Campbell ’s Crew…but could also finish outside the playoff picture, depending on how Wednesday plays out.
#5 East Side Ballers: Can you believe it, with just a little help these folks could end up in the playoffs?  A two-win Week 5 (one over the Generics) and their early-season victory over the BOoBS have given them an edge in the head-to-head tiebreaker.  They’ll need some help to make the playoffs…but there are even a couple of scenarios that could have them make the playoffs even if they win only one game in Week 6.  It might all come down to they way that Shauno shows up this week: drunk, krunk, or punk.
#6 The Segals: Their cigars have gotten cheaper and their play more erratic as the season has progressed, but even having lost four of their last five games (one on a controversial – yet correct – ruling by the league commissioner), this team amazingly still has an outside chance to grab a playoff spot.  It will take a distinct string of events to make it happen: (1) the Segals winning both of their games; (2) the BOoBS losing both of theirs (by a total of at least 13 points), and (3) the Ballers losing at least one of theirs.  This would still put The Segals into the playoffs with a likely first-round match-up against Campbell’s Crew.  Idealism springs eternal here, folks.
As for the rest of the league, their were some interesting items of note:
– The CAT Rollers continued to channel a couple of obscure ’90s television characters with their rolling style.  One would have thought that the Molly Shannon emerged on her court straight from her one “Seinfeld” appearance as the woman who didn’t swing her arms when she walked…and that “Simon” had grown out of his SNL bathtub to roll some balls on Spruce Street last Wednesday.  (I told you they were obscure, folks.)

Deboccery brought a very light spirit with them on Wednesday – almost a giddiness – as they played two solid games against playoff-contending teams.  It almost seemed like they have come to a Kübler-Rossian acceptance of their fall season fate…except for the fact that Catriana (sorry about the spelling) and Bev especially were gutting it out with two solid performances.  Do they have a win in them for Week 6?  Watch out Ballers and Generics…they could spoil your season yet.

– You just gotta love Team Supreme.  Always there, always willing to help, always bringing some joy to the bocce court.  They are what Nocabulabet is all about.  And was anyone surprised that Ryan wasn’t able to make it to Week 5 because he was grounded at home for being “naughty.”  Could it be that auntie’s influence (or habits learned from hanging out with the likes of the Nocabulabets) is starting to show?

Robotic Uprising might be have stagnated on the bocce court as of lae, but you gotta love the spirit that they bring off the court.  Feisty, sassy, and just downright cool, it would be hard to imagine this past season with out them.  Looking forward to them taking on some of the play-by-play commentary for the Playoff Party.
More on the October 15th Championship, BBQ, and Party.  Invite friends and neighbors.  Gonna be a good time!  All are welcome (as long as they bring stuff to share).



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8 10 2008
The Commish

I received an e-mail this week from Capo Deboccery who shared some very interesting information…which explains one of the biggest mysteries of the Fall 2008 season:

Top Ten Reasons Why Deboccery Has Not Won a Game This Season

1) As a courtesy to our competitors. (You’re welcome!)

2) We’re all still recovering from having some work done in the off season.

3) Something in the beverages is wrecking our aim. Cause under investigation.

4) We are in a lucrative but binding contract with Campbell ’s Crew.

5) It’s our way of protesting the acronym of the Beer Swillers name, which we find sexist (and a little sexy).

6) We intend to keep our record consistent and pure.

7) Someone has been rigging our balls.

8) This season we are rooting for Team Supreme, not ourselves (try it, you selfish bastards), and all our energy must remain devoted to their success.

9) A religious sabbatical has demanded we sacrifice the pleasure of wiping the courts with our competitors, but if we endure this season we get into heaven.

10) We’re not ready to go all the way.

8 10 2008

I’m not rooting for them at all. I’m rooting for Shaun.

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