Week Three Recap – September 17

22 09 2008

Week 3 wasn’t quite the Tale of Two Cities…but it is starting to look like it is Campbell’s Crew and everyone else at the midpoint in the season.  Even though their second game last Wednesday came down to the last frame against the Generic Bocce Team, the Crew continue to be impressive as they improved their record to a perfect 6-0…and they are enjoying their relative ease across the Channel from the emerging chaos of the rest of the league.
Speaking of the Generic Bocce Team, they came to the courts undefeated with their own Bastille-storming dreams, only to find themselves in full retreat after two close yet disappointing losses.  Even with these losses, the Generics still find themselves in second place.
By contrast, two upstart factions took their own run at the aristocracy of the league, each winning both their games to raise their records to 3-3 and to pull themselves into a four-way tie for fourth place.  Madame Mary Ann Defarge led the Bocce Org.’s charge with her guillotine-like precision, and Team Supreme dismantled a part of the Nocabulabet bourgeoisie under the leadership of their smack-talking (and occasional f-bomb dropping) capo.
Speaking of smack-talking, The Segals tried some of the weakest banter you’ll ever hear against hard-rolling Liverpudlian Jessie when she helped the Ball Bustahs deal The Segals a 10-point loss.  Don’t these Frenchies know they should never mix it up with a randy little scouser?
Oh, ya…and it seems that the addition of at least one A-lister for The Segals couldn’t prevent them from dropping one again this week.  The Segals are currently in third place.  And the Ball Bustahs are a game behind atop the bunch knotted with 3-3 records.
At the vanguard of the league’s “You Would Think We’d Be Better Than We Are” category are the the East Side Ballers who rolled another two underwhelming games in Week 3.  After an early 11-point lead over the Robotic Uprising, the Ballers coasted to an the most uninspiring 21-point performance in the league this year.  But even an early lead in their second game against Team Supreme couldn’t keep the Ballers from putting themselves to sleep with their lack of any spark and dropping the game in the last frame.
The only egalité the Ballers seem to be aspiring to is a lackluster fraternité with the CAT Rollers and the Robotic Uprising (who both are trying to find some liberté from the mediocrity which has landed them in a tie for eighth place).
And we can’t forget Deboccery, who seem to be struggling through their own little Reign of Terror.  A couple more single-digit performances meant a fall to 0-6 for the season…and sparked what looked like a quick mid-game run to get some brown-paper-bagged inspiration from Federal Hill Liquor.  Night’s end brought a couple courtside benches of despondency and confusion.  Will Deboccery’s listing spirit lead them on a second-half rage?  Or at least enough resilience to knock over the Defarge’s wine shop?



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