Week Two Recap – September 10

11 09 2008

Week 2 of the fall season brought another splendid sunset, another fun evening of rolling, and another team atop the league standings.
After posting two impressive wins in Week 1, the Ball Bustahs couldn’t muster enough to beat either the impressive Campbell’s Crew (now #1 in the league standings) nor could they survive the final well-played ball by the Generic Bocce Team that took away what would have been a one-point victory.  The Crew and the Generics remain as the only two unbeaten teams in the league, and they face off in an 8:15 p.m. match-up in Week 3.
The Segals, after a drubbing by Team Supreme in their first game, were able to bounce back against Deboccery in Game #2 to move to 3-1 with a solid hold on third place.  An early morning text message from Capo Michael Milton (who is out of town on a special mission) noted that the team’s split last night is “not bad since our A-listers were all MIA.”  I’m sure this is welcome news to teammates Jordan and Dan who did return from Week 1…and welcome news for the CAT Rollers and the Ball Bustahs who can use this for bulletin board fodder for their match-ups against The Segals in Week 3.
The Ball Bustahs fell to fourth place, one of three teams with a .500 record, including the CAT Rollers who split their games again this week and the East Side Ballers who overcame their jitters during their first-game thrashing by Campbell’s Crew to win their second game last night.
Team Supreme, Bocce Organization of Beer Swillers, and the Robotic Uprising each won their first game of the season last night, and they remain very much in the playoff picture.
However, after just missing the playoffs in the Spring 2008 season, Deboccery has dropped four straight games this season and sit in last place with a dismal -44 point differential, more than twice than any other team and nearly 100 points difference from the first-place Campbell’s Crew.  This is sure to have league members debating whether or not the Deboccery Capo should drink more or less of her special brand of “sports drink” that she brings each week to boost her team’s fortunes.



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