Week One Recap – September 3

5 09 2008

So the new season has begun, with a blending of the old and the new.  Five teams (or variations thereof) returned from the spring season for Fall 2008 with five upstart teams trying to make their mark in the league.
And it appears that the new got the better of it in Week 1.
The new teams won seven of the ten games played last night…with a 4-0 record in the games where new teams played Nocabulabet veterans.  Three of the top four teams in the league standings are new teams. 
The newbies also made their presence known off the court, as well, with the recycle bin reaching the overflowing point by the third match of the evening.
It was about then when a throng of cop cars (at least 18 at one point) descended upon the scene, in pursuit of an (alleged) young perpetrator of some unknown crime who jumped the highway fence and ran through the bocce courts on his failed escape scamper through Federal Hill.
The only two teams that defended the honor of those from the inaugural season were the CAT Rollers (comprised of members from last season’s Conscientious Objectors and Anti-Thematics) who won one game last night — and the Ball Bustahs who built upon their playoff momentum from last season, ending the first week in first place with a maximum total of 42 points. 
The BBs’ 2-0 mark was matched by Campbell’s Crew, the Generic Bocce Team, and the cigar-smoking bluster of The Segals.  Three of these top four teams will roll against one another in Week 2.



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