A champion is crowned

2 07 2008

well, not literally crowned. but Three Guys, Four Balls did win the inaugural Nocabulabet Bocce League season title. they knocked off Team Supreme in the semifinals and then were forced to watch and wait as the Bocce Babes and Ball Bustahs battled on the other court. the Bustahs took game one, but the Babes responded with two straight wins to earn a spot in the finals.

the Babes’ momentum carried them to a quick 8-0 lead in the championship match. what was wrong with Three Guys? choking on the big stage? rusty from too much time between matches? were they drunk? (yes) but they quickly shook it off and stormed back to take a 9-8 lead. from there they closed out the game and took game two to secure their spot in history. and all this despite missing their third guy, also known by some as “the sexiest guy in the league.”

thanks to all participants and fans for coming out for the final week. it was a great scene with plenty of food and drink. thanks also to Ryan for the play-by-play. hope to see you again next year, and i leave you with the victory pose of the winning team and their balls…



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