Playoff preview

19 06 2008

as we prepare for Wednesday’s finale, let’s take a closer look at the matches and our four participants…

Rick and the Bocce Babes
10 wins, 2 losses
178 points scored, 119 points allowed

while it must be acknowledged that the final week’s matches were meaningless for them, they suffered their first two losses:  they lost by one to Team Supreme and were absolutely dismantled by Three Guys.  and of course, Rick and Co. are guaranteed to meet one of those teams in the championship match, should they get there.



Three Guys, Four Balls
9 wins, 3 losses
198 points scored, 107 points allowed



vegas has installed Three Guys as the 4-1 favorite.  don’t be deceived by their overall record, as two of the losses came by forfeit.  despite those two 11-0 defeats (by rule), Three Guys still led the league in points scored and points allowed, and appear to have no weaknesses in their game.  however, word on the street is that one of the Guys may be absent for the postseason, leaving them even more ball-less than usual.

Team Supreme
6 wins, 6 losses
146 points scored, 162 points allowed

Team Supreme was the last squad to pick up a victory, but they’ve made up for it lately.  hot off a four-game winning streak, Team Supreme rolls into the playoffs despite a negative point differential.  it will be an intriguing matchup against Three Guys.  in a Week One meeting, Team Supreme lost 21-1 but clearly this is a much different team right now.

Ball Bustahs
5 wins, 5 losses, 2 ties
173 points scored, 158 points allowed

the Ball Bustahs also come in with a whole lot of momentum, as they’ve won four in a row and five out of their last six.  they suffered a seven-point defeat in their only meeting with Rick and the Bocce Babes, but surely the Bustahs are playing with a lot of confidence.  they can’t get caught looking ahead to the final, where a potential rubber match looms with Three Guys.




One response

23 06 2008

So in reading the recap of the final week of regular play couldn’t help but notice the snide comment about the Conscientious Objectors having “folded like a house of cards”. Hey! On any other week we would have resembled that remark. But how’s about a mention that we played two of the toughest teams (the men with the odd ball count & Deboccery’s other half, Team Supreme) and scored pretty freaking decently on them? In fact, we scored more than twice the number of points on them that the #1 team, the ubiquitous babes managed that night. Of course, we did have some help from our secret weapon Sean . . . but he had nothing to do with the hard time we gave Team Supreme, making them struggle and fight for a win. Sorry – can’t resist standing up for my basement team when we finally cough up some decent scoring (albeit losing) games. ‘Nuff said – maybe next time we’ll be more than comic relief.

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