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12 05 2008

June 18:
the regular season is complete, but not without some last minute leap-frogging in the standings.  entering the last set of matches, every team had a shot at the playoffs.  some teams responded – Team Supreme and Ball Bustahs each won both matches; some teams folded like a house of cards under the pressure – i’m looking at you, Objectors and Thematics.

Deboccery secured a victory in the final frame of the last match of the night, but earlier had been able to earn only a tie against Mojo.  that single point (1 for a tie instead of 2 for a win) proved costly, as the night ended with Deboccery, Ball Bustahs and Team Supreme all tied… three teams vying for two playoff spots.  and since no one could remember what the hell the rules said about such a scenario, resolution would have to wait until thursday morning.

in short, Team Supreme gets third place due to more wins than the other two.  and the Bustahs get the final postseason berth by having a better point differential than Deboccery, whose Cindarella run sadly comes to a close.

lost in the noise of that mess was the fact that all of a sudden the Bocce Babes look eminently beatable.  but we’ll save those details for my playoff preview next week.  in the meantime, make plans to witness the final matches and end-of-season jubilee on Wednesday, June 25, at 7pm in the Nocabulabet Bocce League’s specatular conclusion.  here are the details:

Court 1: Rick & The Bocce Babes (#1) vs. Ball Bustahs (#4)
Court 2: Three Guys, Four Balls (#2) vs. Team Supreme (#3)

Matches played to 15 points, win by two.  Semifinals and final determined by “best two out of three” format.  Championship match to be played on the court chosen by the better seeded team.

June 11:
now THAT is what i call a bocce league.  great weather, playing under the lights, a good crowd, and a recycling bin that filled up surprisingly quickly.

in the penultimate week of the regular season, games were fairly competitive.  Rick didn’t throw off the Babes’ momentum as they moved to 10-0 on the season, even more impressive considering the Silent Assassin was absent this week.  since briefly holding second place, Deboccery has dropped four matches in a row, yet somehow is sitting in third place.  Team Supreme picked up two wins and currently holds the tiebreaker over Mojosapiens for the last playoff spot.

without question, the match of the evening was a back and forth brawl between Three Guys and Ball Bustahs.  a 10-3 lead by the Bustahs was quickly erased by a furious comeback, and Three Guys led by two when a “last frame” call was heard.  the Bustahs’ Patrick and Jessie responded with four points  a walk off grand slam, if you will.  however, the match was confusingly extended by one frame, and then another, which allowed Three Guys to pull out a 17-15 asterisked victory.  it was one of those rare games where BOTH teams strongly contested the officiating.  but hopefully there are no hard feelings, and a playoff rematch is not out of the question.

with just two matches left, all eight teams have a shot at the postseason.  i expect high drama and maybe some nerves.  although we probably won’t have any shots as good as these.

the Shot of the Night comes to you once again from Narragansett Beer.  i don’t remember which team was which color, but these well-bocc’d balls were from the evening’s highly controversial match.  also included is a bonus picture of last night’s scene.


June 4:
i realize summer doesn’t officially start until June 21, but this bocce weather is getting ridiculous.  a fourth straight week of chilly temps kept spectator turnout to a minimum, but at least all the teams showed up.

the Bocce Babes found themselves in a couple of dogfights this week but emerged unscathed.  word on the street is that their namesake “Rick” may actually be in attendance next week.  however, one can’t help but wonder whether he’ll hinder their undefeated mojo.  and speaking of mojo, the Mojosapiens knocked off the Ball Bustahs last night to secure fourth place in the standings.  the Bustahs had to be emotionally spent for that match after earlier handing Three Guys their first non-forfeit loss of the season.

the Anti-Thematics notched their first win (and pushed Team Supreme to the bottom of the standings), then followed up that win with another over Deboccery, whose brazen trash-talking earned them a couple of ass-whoopin’s this week.

and finally, here is this week’s Shot of the Night, sponsored by Narragansett Beer.  this one was an effort of the Conscientious Objectors, but it wasn’t quite enough in their one-point loss to Rick & The Bocce Babes…


May 28:
an abreviated recap:  The Babes continue to roll, the Anti-Thematics still search for that first taste of sweet victory, and Three Guys apparently decided to carpool to the testicular implant clinic instead of playing in Week Three.

taking advantage was Deboccery, whose Capo purports, “I want to send out a shout of gratitude to those guys that are short on balls. By not showing up last night you’ve pushed Deboccery into second place, which we think we are going to be darling at.”  while it remains to be seen whether Three Guys have grown any additional Fruits of the Loom, Deboccery will be able to pass on its gratitude in person during a match on June 4.

scores last week were awfully competitive – all but two games played were decided by 4 points or less – so stay tuned as the action heats up in the second half of the season.

May 21:

as we roll towards the heart of the season, it is clear the league has found its legs.  week two brought more fans, more beer, and more crappy cold weather. despite a few dozen raindrops, enthusiasm was high and several truths became evident:

  • Three Guys, Four Balls and Rick & the Bocce Babes are dominant.  despite missing one of its members (and two of its balls) for both matches, Three Guys again put up the max 42 points in a night, including a 21-0 shutout.  however, the Babes also moved to 4-0 on the season, as their “Silent Assassin” repeatedly toyed with her opponents’ hopes and dreams as if she were some sort of bocce Yahweh Herself.  a massive showdown between these squads looms in the nightcap next week.
  • the Mojosapiens and the Ball Bustahs are trying to out-tie each other.  Mojo has 2 wins, 2 losses and a miniscule +4 point differential.  the Bustahs have 1 win, 1 loss and TWO TIES, and they’ve only scored 1 more point than they’ve allowed.  go back and read that sentence again.  the only thing not mediocre about this team is their extraordinary ability to be mediocre.
  • T. Alva Edison was on to something.  thanks to our friends at the Toscan Social Club and the tireless efforts of our loyal commissioner, the bocce courts were illuminated last night.  the league has its very own copy of the magic key, so Nocabulabeters may now proudly proclaim, “Light pollution – it’s not just for car dealers anymore!!”



One response

26 05 2008
A ball bustah

“extraordinary ability to be mediocre”??? Ouch! Did Das Komissioners of PKL write this?

Hey, we’re like Crazy Horse, the third best garage band in the world. We know we’re not the best, nobody wants to be number two so we’re going to right in the middle of the pack. And proud of it!

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